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Two postdoctoral NEURON modeling positions - EEE theory

Posted: Tue Oct 11, 2016 3:30 pm
by wwlytton
Two Computational Neuroscience postdoctoral modeling positions are immediately available for development of a novel NIBIB-BRAIN-funded brain theory.

Our new NIH BRAIN Initiative brain theory project aims to build and establish a new theory - Embedded Ensemble Encoding (EEE) theory - out of observations of NMDA-mediated plateau potentials in neocortical pyramidal cells. In brief, we hypothesize that the plateau potentials will bring sets of neurons into an activated state where these particular cells can now readily and rapidly follow synaptic inputs. EEE theory may help reconcile rate-coding theory with binding-by-synchrony theory and has implications for Bayesian predictive coding theory - the outer ensemble could serve as a predictor for codings in the nested ensemble. The work is being done as a collaboration between SUNY Downstate (Brooklyn, NY), University of Connecticut (Farmington, CT) and Yale University (New Haven, CT) under the auspices of a 3 year NIH BRAIN grant. The two new postdocs will work closely together - hand in glove - with one focusing primarily on cell-level modeling and the other primarily on network but with both expected to work in both areas. Candidates should have a strong background in computer programming, with demonstrated proficiency in C/C++, Python, or other major languages. Strong interest, though not necessarily research experience, in neuroscience is a must. Some experience with NEURON is desirable.

Based on the candidates strengths and his or her preferences, job could be in Brooklyn, Farmington CT or via telecommuting. The labs maintain frequent communication via instant messaging (Slack) or Skype, with software sharing via git and mercurial. Applicants should contact Bill Lytton or Srdjan Antic by email (billl at; antic at with a CV and cover letter. Please emphasize your computer skills and prior software projects. Both institutions are equal opportunity employers.