NEURON 6.1.1 now available

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NEURON 6.1.1 now available

Post by ted »

Release 6.1.1 (1894) 2007-11-24 is now available from
New features include:
  • More convenient installation
    1. Mac users with OS X 10.4 can now download a universal binary installer
    that will work on both i686 and PowerPC Macs.
    2. All binary installers (UNIX, Linux, OS X, MSWin) now include Python.
  • More flexible compilation under MSWin
    NEURON can be compiled to make use of either the Cygwin
    or the non-Cygwin build of Python.
  • Enhanced interoperability with other tools and simulators
    Two of NEURON's GUI tools are now able to import XML:
    --the Import3D tool can read morphometric data in MorphML
    --the CellBuilder can read model specifications in NeuroML
  • Increased computational power and efficiency
    1. forall {stmt} in the context of a cell object is now fast.
    This will be particularly helpful with network simulations.
    2. MSWin users will benefit from NEURON's adoption of standard MSWin
    dynamic loading. The practical consequence is that mod files are no longer
    limited to calling the functions listed in src/mswin/windll/nrnmech.h
  • Python
    See relevant entries under More convenient installation
    and More flexible compilation under MSWin
  • Parallel models
    1. The Multisplit method for implementing distributed models of individual neurons
    has been extended, so that a single cell model can now be split into enough pieces
    to do load balancing on a multicore workstation.
    2. Models implemented with the Multisplit method can now be simulated with the
    global variable time step method.
    Example: the CA3 pyramidal neuron model published by Lazarewicz et al. (2002)
    (available from ModelDB via accession number 20007, i.e. ... odel=20007 )
    running on a 4 core x86_64 PC under Linux:

Code: Select all

               processes  runtime
                   1       62.7
                   4       16.6

Post by Mitchell »

A hard refresh of the download page helps for those who might not be seeing the updated link.
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NeuroML import/export

Post by pgleeson »


Updates to the NeuroML import and export functions are available at: ... uroML2nrn/
(for import of NeuroML based morphologies)

and ... n2NeuroML/
(for export of cell structures from ModelView in NeuroML format)

The latest alpha release of NEURON incorporates these changes, but these URLs should be checked for the latest updates.

Full specification of the structure of NeuroML files and an application for checking the of files can be found at:
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