Delaying channel blockers

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Delaying channel blockers

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Hello NEURON community,

I'm attempting to run a model that analyzes the effects of different channel blockers at different times. The code I used to run the channel blockers was:

proc block_sodium {soma gnabar=0}

And to unblock

proc unblock_sodium {soma gnabar=0.25}

However, rather than running multiple simulations, I'd like to do it in one simulation, ideally delaying the block_sodium for a certain amount of time then unblock it. How exactly could that be done?
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Re: Delaying channel blockers

Post by ted »

There are several ways to implement a (computational) experimental protocol that involves parameter changes. One is to use the Vector class's play() method. Another is to use events to force parameter changes at specific times. See How to change parameters during a simulation in the Hot tips area of the NEURON Forum.
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