Section numbers and cross-references in the NEURON book

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What to do about section numbers in the NEURON book?

Poll ended at Sat Jun 11, 2005 2:48 pm

Don't number sections
Three levels of numbering
Number all levels, no matter how deep
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Section numbers and cross-references in the NEURON book

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The NEURON book is now in press and we are already editing the first proofs.
We are about to decide whether or not to number sections, and how to deal
with cross-references. As those of you who have read drafts of book chapters
may recall, at present the book does not have numbered sections.

I would like to ask for your preference on this issue. I'm not looking for flaming or
even well-thought-out philosophical essays--just your choice from these three
1. Don't number sections.
2. Three levels of numbering.
3. Number all levels of headings, no matter how deep.

For example, here's a short example of the "number all levels" strategy
applied to chapter 9--
9 Chapter 9: How to expand NEURON's library of mechanisms
9.1 Overview of NMODL
9.2 Example 9.1: a passive "leak" current
9.2.1 The NEURON block
9.2.2 Variable declaration blocks The PARAMETER block

Before you choose any of the numbering options, think about what that implies for
cross-references. For example, the "number everything" strategy would change
see The NEURON block in Example 9.6: extracellular potassium accumulation
(top of page 6 in the 11/23/2004 draft of chapter 9) to
see 9.7.1 The NEURON block in 9.7 Example 9.6: extracellular potassium accumulation
I suppose it could be simply
9.7.1 The NEURON block
but that loses a lot of meaningful context; there are many headings called
The NEURON block
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