Insert noise in neurons membrane

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Insert noise in neurons membrane

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I want to insert poisson noise in my neuron network membranes. I did not find how to do it. I only found how to create a current with noise.

Thx again

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Post by ted »

Do you want channel noise or synaptic noise? For the former, use a Channel Bulider to
implement stochastic gating--see the Channel Builder tutorial (link is here ). For the latter, use an ExpSyn or
Exp2Syn driven by an event stream generated by a NetStim. via a NetCon--read about
these in the Programmer's Reference, and for more information see chapter 10 in The
NEURON Book. If you just want to inject a fluctuating current, use the Vector class's play
method to drive an IClamp's amp variable from precomputed values stored in a Vector.

All of these approaches involve point processes, i.e. point current sources. If a model has
more than one segment, you'll need a point process for each segment if you want each
segment to have its own local noise source.
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