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Vector play

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On 5/18/2005 wrote:

> I am having problems using the vector functions e.g play in NEURON 5.7,
> this is with code that worked under NEURON 5.4 but it returns an error along
> the lines of 'too few parameters' when I try and run the same code under
> NEURON 5.7. Has the syntax of these been changed


> and if so what is the new syntax???

Needs a second argument to specify timing. See ... .html#play
for examples.

If you're an MSWin user, this is installed on your PC--click on the
Documentation item in the NEURON program group or on your desktop.
If not, you might want to download the zipped Programmers' Reference
and expand it on your local machine. In either case, it's a good
idea to browse through it from time to time just to become familiar
with its organization and contents.

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