Impedance Class bug

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Impedance Class bug

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Dear all,

after updating to NEURON version 7.3-1, I am no longer able to compute the impedance class while taking into account the impedance contributions of gating state differential equations. Every time I try to do so, a "segmentation violation" warning appears, and this happens when I am running code that worked without problems before I made the update. I even tried to test this problem with available models in the modelDB, and the error is reproducible with those models as well.

I do not know if this is a bug from the new version, or if some modifications must be done to the code in order to cope with new version.

Thank you all!

(Ps: all mechanisms used in my models are CVode compatible)

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Re: Impedance Class bug

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Did you recompile the mod files?
Do any of them use METHOD euler?
Why use 7.3? It's ancient. Either compile from the latest repository sources, or use the most recent alpha installer you can get from

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