How to make a noisy IClamp

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How to make a noisy IClamp

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On 1/24/2005 a NEURON user wrote:
> I am trying to nosify the injected current IClamp of NEURON. I could not
> see any function able to do that. Do you know any?

The best way is to use the Random class's play() method. See ... .html#play

> May be I should write or modify the IClamp function, is there a way to
> access the IClamp.mod?

Now that you know about the Random class's play() method, you don't need
to fiddle with the mod file. But it might be interesting to look at the source code.

If you installed NEURON from source code, the place to look is in the directory
tree that was created by expanding the gzipped tar file--

If you used a precompiled installer, get the source code from
Compiling the standard distribution from source code
near the bottom of that page, and just below that is a link for downloading
the gzipped tar file of the latest standard distribution).

Please note that stim.mod uses at_time(), which still works but is deprecated
(i.e. no new mechanisms should be developed using at_time()). It is much
easier to use events to implement mechanisms that have temporal discontinuities--
see the end of chapter 9 of the NEURON book ... xedref.pdf

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