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Changing a graph's axis scales

Posted: Tue Sep 24, 2013 7:56 am
by srene

if I want to plot voltage over time, I select Neuron Main Menu -> Graph-> Voltage axis and there pops up a window. V: -80 mV to +40 mV t: 0s to tstop.

Is there a easy way to change the limits of the y-Axis. V: -120 mV to +40 mV e.g..

Changing a graph's axis scales

Posted: Tue Sep 24, 2013 5:45 pm
by ted
View = plot
Set View

Click in the "menu box" (square in left upper corner of graph canvas) and maintain pressure on the mouse button. You will see the graph's "primary menu."
Keep pressure on the mouse button, and drag the cursor up slightly so it's over the item "View . . . "
The graph's "secondary menu" will appear on the right.
While still pressing down on the mouse button, move the cursor over to the secondary menu and select either
View = plot
Set View

View = plot automatically rescales the graph to fit any traces that may already be displayed.

Set View
pops up a window you can use to change the x axis limits. To leave them unchanged, click on "Accept."
Now a new window pops up that you can use to change the y axis limits. The first number in the edit field is the minimum y value and the second is the maximum y value. To change them, click in the edit field and type what you prefer, then click on the Accept button. Make sure that the first number is ymin and the second is ymax. Example: if you want the y axis to run from -5 to 10 mV, enter
-5 10
then click on Accept.

Much easier to do than to describe.

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