Simulating an epsc

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Simulating an epsc

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On 1/2/2005 a NEURON user wrote:
> Please let me know the method to simulate an EPSC shaped current.

Are you sure you want a "real" current source, i.e. infinite source impedance?

NEURON's built-in AlphaSynapse produces a single conductance change that
approximates the time course of a single synaptic activation. Give this an
appropriate reversal potential (0 mV for excitatory synapses, -60 mV or more
negative for inhibitory) and you have a synapse. But only good for a single
activation per simulation run, that occurs at a predetermined time.

If you want model synapses that are more suitable for network models, i.e.
synapses that can be activated more than once during a run and can be
used to attach a presynaptic cell to a postsynaptic cell, you'll want to use
ExpSyn or Exp2Syn. Read about these in chapter 10 of the NEURON book-- ... xedref.pdf

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