Impedance methods change the location

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Impedance methods change the location

Post by rbdewell » Tue Dec 04, 2018 2:29 pm

When using the Impedance methods Impedance.input(x), Impedance.input_phase(x), or Impedance.ratio(x) the Impedance.loc(x) value is changed making any subsequent calls to Impedance.transfer(x) or Impedance.transfer_phase(x) return incorrect values. As illustrated by the following example code with output:

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NEURON -- VERSION 7.6.1 master (a558837) 2018-08-01

create soma
create dend[5]
soma connect dend[0](0),1
dend[0] connect dend[1](0),1
dend[1] connect dend[2](0),1
dend[2] connect dend[3](0),1
dend[3] connect dend[4](0),1

forall {
	insert pas

access soma

objref Z
Z = new Impedance()

dend[4] { print Z.transfer(0.5) }
dend[4] { print Z.input(0.5) }
dend[4] { print Z.transfer(0.5) }
The first time the correct transfer impedance is returned (from soma to dend[4]), the second time the transfer from dend[4] to dend[4] is returned.
I can't find why this happens, so any help on fixing it would be appreciated.

P.S. This only happens with the extended calculation using dv/dt state. If the line "Z.compute(20,1)" is changed to "Z.compute(20,0)", then the transfer impedance is calculated correctly both times.

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Re: Impedance methods change the location

Post by rbdewell » Thu Dec 06, 2018 3:33 pm

I believe I have located the issue, but cpp programming is not an area of expertise.

The issue seems to arise in "nonlinz.cpp":
The input_amp(), input_phase(), and ratio_amp() methods include the line "solve(curloc)", and within this solve() method the "iloc" parameter is changed to "curloc" which changes the effective Impedance.loc section for subsequent calls to the Impedance measures.

In impedanc.cpp that does the linear (non dV/dt extended) computation, there is no such change in the current injection location with these methods.
Currently I'm running simulations where I measure the input and transfer impedances across hundreds of sections, and using the extended computation requires recalculating the impedance in calls to every segment slowing down the code ~50-fold. If someone better at cpp programming than me could let me know the best way to change this, it would be much appreciated.

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Re: Impedance methods change the location

Post by hines » Tue Dec 11, 2018 8:40 am

The documentation needs to be updated to reflect this behavior. The default calculation is able to efficiently combine the calculation of
transfer impedance everywhere given a specific current stimulus location and input impedance everywhere. After a compute, it is possible
just read off the values in subsequent evaluations of transfer and input impedance an any location without modifyin input stimulus locaition.
The extended impedance calculation is able to do the former but can only calculate input impedance at the location specified (and the calculation
of input impedance must have
stimulus location and recording location at the same location).
In reviewing the default calculation of impedance everywhere. i suspect, but am not certain, that the extended calculation can be implemented
analogously but at present there is no choice but to explicitly reset loc and do another compute when desiring transfer impedaance after
computing an input impedance.

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