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Building/Debugging w/KDevelop

Posted: Mon Apr 03, 2006 3:42 pm
by mctavish
I wanted to share the steps I took to get NEURON to be buildable and debuggable under KDevelop. This assumes the following install structure:

I actually installed iv as per the normal unix instructions.

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./configure --prefix=$HOME/neuron/iv
make install
I also implemented the libreadline change documented in another message in this group, too.

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sudo ln -s /lib/ /lib/
To build nrn in KDevelop, I chose Project->Import Existing Project...
In the new window, choose /home/<user>/neuron/nrn as the directory, "nrn" (or other name as the Project name. and "Generic C++ Application (Automake-based)" as the Project type. This now will create the project.

Select Project->Project Options->Configure Options and add

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--with-readline=/lib --prefix=$HOME/neuron/nrn --with-iv=$HOME/neuron/iv
to the Configure arguments.

From the Run Options panel in the Project Options, select "Run from the BUILD directory". Set the Main program field to

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and set the program arguments to

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../share/lib/hoc/nrngui.hoc -
add this line to the Program arguments of the Debugger panel as well.

That should be it!

I'm somewhat new to unix, gdb, and KDevelop. If someone knows better approaches, please post![/b]