Uninstalling NEURON on linux

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Uninstalling NEURON on linux

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Had a good look through the forum and can't locate the answer to this:

I've installed NEURON on debian using the precompiled standard distribution ('dpkg -i <install_file>') on the command line. I want to remove it so I can install from source to allow for python compatibility. Can you please tell me how to do this?

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Re: Uninstalling NEURON on linux

Post by ted »

If you found a debian-specific installer, I would you contact the person who created the installer.

Failing that, and assuming that the person who set up the installer didn't do anything strange, you might
echo $PATH
to find the location of NEURON's binaries, then back up two directories and there's the root of NEURON's installation. Example: on my Linux box, the binaries are in
so the root of NEURON's installation is
and I would
cd /usr/local
rm -rf nrn
Then I'd clean up my PATH by removing any reference to
from .bash_profile (on your system you might have to edit .bashrc).

Do the same for InterViews (look in the PATH for iv/i686/bin).

Finally reboot, and you're ready to do whatever else you want.
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