NEURON and Python Installation

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Krishna Chaitanya
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NEURON and Python Installation

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I have tried a lot installing pyNEURON on windows and it seems to be working but not as easily as with Linux.

Firstly, there is no correct instruction on how to configure NEURON with Python. I have tried installing through executable (.exe) file but it says libnrnpython34 is not available. I have set the NEURONPATH and PYTHONPATH correctly as per the NEURON forum discussions.

And I have also tried to use NEURON and Anaconda according to one post. That seems to work but some functions like newPlotV() are not working.

Thirdly, I have tired pip install pyNEURON, which again didn't work.

Can you kindly help me in installing pyNEURON correctly on windows?

Thank you.
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Re: NEURON and Python Installation

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The developers of PyNEURON would be whom to ask for support of PyNEURON.
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