nrniv.exe from the command line

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nrniv.exe from the command line

Post by tfoutz99 »

I like running neuron from the prompt, or from editors like crimson editor, and I noticed that while in version 6.0 i can run from the command line with:

cd <directory>
c:\nrn60\bin\nrniv.exe filename.hoc

this doesn't work in version 6.1

I am running vista, and I haven't checked this under xp

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Post by ted »

Vista? Poor soul.

Have you tried examining the command string associated with the nrngui or "NEURON Demo"
icons in the NEURON Program Group? Hint: copy one of these icons to your desktop,
then right click and select "properties". Click on the "Shortcut" tab (that's what it's called
in WinXP, who knows what MS has morphed it to in Vista, with their "gotta keep 'em
guessing" approach to software development). Examine the command string--under XP
it's in a text field called "Target" (such absolutely transparent terminology! NOT).
For example, the nrngui icon's command string is
c:\nrn61\bin\neuron.exe c:\nrn61\lib\hoc\nrngui.hoc

Another hint: add c:\nrn61\bin\ to your PATH, and you'll be able to invoke NEURON with
the much shorter
neuron.exe filename
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