Installing NEURON on cluster

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Installing NEURON on cluster

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Hi everyone

I've been trying for over 1 month to get NEURON to work on a cluster in Canada (Westgrid). I'm getting close but I still get errors like:

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dlopen failed - 
x86_64/.libs/ cannot read file data: Is a directory

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/neuron/nrn-7.3/x86_64/lib/ undefined symbol: __intel_sse2_strchr
I've read an old 2008 post that on clusters I may need to recompile NEURON with this "linux_nrnmech=no" option

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./configure --prefix=`pwd` --without-iv --disable-shared --with-paranrn  linux_nrnmech=no
Before I spend another day or two recompiling everything was hoping to hear from someone with experience running NEURON on clusters... Any advice is appreciated.


UPDATE: The issue may be cluster side... working on it, will post updates.
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Re: Installing NEURON on cluster

Post by ted »

neuromau has posted some hints for installation on parallel hardware that may or may not be pertinent
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