Postdoc & PhD posts in computational neuroscience

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Postdoc & PhD posts in computational neuroscience

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Postdoctoral Research Fellow and PhD Studentship in Computational

Computational Intelligence research group, Department of Computing Science
and Mathematics, University of Stirling, Scotland. A 36-month Research
Assistant post (salary range: £20,044 - £30,002p.a.; appointment up to
spine point 6: a maximum of £22,289 p.a.) and a PhD studentship (stipend
£12,000p.a. plus UK/EU fees) to work on an EPSRC funded project concerning
‘Dynamical information processing in a neuronal microcircuit’.

The project will investigate the dynamics of information storage and
recall in neural microcircuits via computer simulation of neural network
models based on the known cell types and network architecture of the
mammalian hippocampus. Of crucial importance is how plasticity (learning)
is dynamically controlled so that new information can be encoded without
disrupting existing memory traces and how information recall occurs either
interleaved or in parallel with storage of new memories. The network
models will include a far more detailed microcircuit than has been
attempted before in studies of neural information processing. The aim is
to investigate hypotheses concerning the functional roles within the
neural microcircuitry of four major classes of inhibitory interneurons.

The posts will be held in the laboratory of Dr Bruce Graham within the
Computational Intelligence research group in the Department of Computing
Science and Mathematics at the University of Stirling. The project is in
collaboration with the experimental laboratory of Dr Stuart Cobb in the
Division of Neuroscience and Biomedical Systems at the University of
Glasgow. There will be significant interaction with Dr Cobb’s laboratory,
allowing direct access to the latest experimental knowledge and results.
There is funding for conference attendance and for a small parallel
processing computer simulation facility.

The postdoctoral fellow will have, or be shortly about to complete, a PhD
in computational neuroscience or biologically-related neural networks. You
will be familiar with the mathematical and computational techniques
involved in modelling biologically-realistic neurons and cortical neural
circuits. Experience with either the NEURON or GENESIS simulation packages
and the parallel implementation of neural network simulations will be
highly regarded.

Applicants for the PhD studentship may have either a numerate background
(mathematics, physics, computing science) with an interest in
computational neuroscience, or a biological/neuroscience background with
good quantitative skills and an interest in computer modelling.

Informal enquiries, ideally including a CV, may be made to Dr Bruce
Graham: Tel: 01786 467432, Fax: 01786 464551 or e-mail:, from whom further details of the project and how
to apply can be obtained. The positions are available from July 2006.
Applications should be received by 31st March 2006.

Dr Bruce Graham, Reader (
Dept. of Computing Science and Mathematics,
University of Stirling, Stirling FK9 4LA
phone: +44 1786 467 432 fax: +44 1786 464 551
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