Computational Neuroscience Post-doc in Boston

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Computational Neuroscience Post-doc in Boston

Postby srjones » Sat Jun 25, 2011 8:07 am

Computational neuroscience post-doc opportunity
The Mass General Hospital Martinos Center for Biomedical imaging has an open post-doctoral opportunity for a computational neuroscientist to work with Drs Stephanie Jones, Matti Hamailainen and Steve Stufflebeam developing and analyzing biophysically principled computational neural models to study MEG/EEG measured brain rhythms and their coordination in health and diseases. The recruited post-doc will work among larger network of Boston area scientists at BU, MIT, Brown and Tufts, funded by the NSF as the “Cognitive Rhythms Collaborative” who have begun to bring together various theoretical and experimental techniques to advance our understanding of the brain dynamics. Please see for participating scientists. The post-doc hired under this ad will work closely with human imaging experimentalists at MGH to develop and analyze biophysically based dynamical systems models of cognitively relevant circuits to study the origin and functions of neural rhythms. The post-doc will have some flexibility in projects within the interests of the MGH group including mechanisms of attention and perception, aging and development, and neural abnormalities in epilepsy and Parkinson’s disease.
Interested candidates should send a CV, statement of research interests, and three letters of recommendation sent to
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