How to launch NEURON from PowerPoint

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How to launch NEURON from PowerPoint

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This tip is from Raj.
You can start neuron from a windows batch file myDemo.bat with the hoc-file of choice as an argument. Make a hyperlink point from powerpoint to this batch file and you are in business.
He provided this outline of a batch file, called myDemo.bat:

Code: Select all

@echo off
cd "myFullHocPath"
C:\ProgramFiles\nrn58\bin\neuron.exe myHoc.hoc
Thanks, Raj!


1. From Raj's example, you can see that he chose not to install
NEURON in its usual location, i.e. c:\nrnxx where the xx stands for the
version number. In your own batch file, please be sure to use the path
to the actual location of neuron.exe on your own PC.

2. A similar trick should work with Impress (the presentation software in
the StarOffice/OpenOffice suite), but some OS-specific changes will be
necessary if you are using OS X or UNIX/Linux.
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