SFN 2005 Itinerary Planner and Abstract Viewer

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SFN 2005 Itinerary Planner and Abstract Viewer

Post by ted »

1. Has anybody gotten this year's Itinerary Planner working under Linux?
2. Has anybody been able to select and copy text within the Itinerary
Planner or Abstract Viewer?
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Post by pgleeson »


I didn't get it working under linux. It worked on my WinXP laptop, installing a local executable (including a JRE) which runs a java application. It seems they've just not created the same installer for the java application under linux.

I've used the online version of the abstract browser, and while you can't store the full listing on a laptop, you can create itineries which can be accessed when online, and you can extract them to PDF, which seems can't be done with the standalone application.

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