StackOverflow-like site for NEURON?

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StackOverflow-like site for NEURON?

Post by JustasB » Wed Dec 09, 2015 2:38 pm

Would anyone support a StackOverflow-like Q&A site for NEURON and computational neuroscience in general?

The benefits of such a site would be as follows:
  • Best questions and answers are voted up by the community, flowing to the top of the page
  • People with best questions and best answers gain reputation, which is visible along with the question/answer
  • Would bring together computational neuroscientists that have expertise in a wide range of comp. neuro. software and methods
  • Would be very useful for new crops of undergraduate and graduate students to ask beginner questions
  • If made using the StackOverflow platform, the site would be free including hosting, upgrades, server maintenance, bandwidth, etc..., and all content would be Creative Commons licensed
  • Would have an option to convert some posts to "Wiki" entries that are editable by the community. Note NEURON-Wiki has been discussed here.
  • Over time, outdated answers can be updated by community members with sufficient reputation
Other reasons to have such a site:
If you feel that this is a good idea, please support my proposal for StackOverflow to create such a site: ... SbKQXb0zg2

I've posted some example questions that members could ask on the site (you can post your own as well), and you can vote them up/down as to whether those types of questions would be within scope of such site. If enough people show their support on the proposal page, StackOverflow platform will create such a site for us free of charge.

Overall, I feel that it would have a net-positive effect on our community.

What are your thoughts?

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