Importing NeuroML model spec using python

When Python is the interpreter, what is a good
design for the interface to the basic NEURON

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Importing NeuroML model spec using python

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Hi all,
I have developed a parallel multi-objective evolutionary algorithm (NSGA-II) and would like to interface it with neuron.
I know how to setup model anatomy and biophysics and numerical instrumentation in python and then run and plot the results using matplotlib.
But I still can't figure out how to import a neuroml file using python. If anyone can shed any light on this matter, I would very much appreciate it!
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Re: Importing NeuroML model spec using python

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With the GUI, start a
and select the "Management" page followed by "Import" radio buttons.
In the menu bar "Import" select the NeuroML menu item then in the
file chooser that pops up, select the neuroml file.

This assumes that the NeuroML version 2 from several years ago remains the
format of your file. If not, please send the file to me and I'll work on updating the

If you wish to do this under program control without showing windows, try

Code: Select all

objref cb
cb = new CellBuild(0)
cb.cexport(1) // turn continuous_create on 
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