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Poirazi 2012, Layer 5 pyramidal neuron model (access 144089)

Posted: Sat Dec 14, 2013 11:19 am
by sonyadave

Has anyone tried running the above stated model (poirazi, et al, 2012, acession number 144089), and had success on a windows 7 or XP computer? I'm having the problem that when I run it, instead of giving the output shown in the sample output, i can a line that shoots to negative infinite voltage (perhaps its unstable?). Did anyone else have this problem, and have they found a way to fix it? Ted says he can run it on a windows 2000 computer, and the authors said they built it on linux/unix.

Inicidentally, does it require the standard distribution? I tried to install the standard distribution, but have not been successful with the installation (unrelated to this model mentioned above). I don't get a DLL file upon doing configure and make for the nrn directory.

The model mentioned is really comprehensive. I would love if we could use it for a our studies...any suggestions?