How to cite NMODL

NMODL and the Channel Builder.
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How to cite NMODL

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On 5/9/2005 Carl Gold <> wrote:
> I have used the cadifus mechanism of calcium accumulation with
> longitudinal and radial diffusion in my model. What paper/book should I
> reference? Would that be Expanding NEURON's Repertoire of Mechanisms
> with NMODL?

That would do. The complete citation, and an expanded preprint of that
article, are available from
Some of the material in it is now obsolete or deprecated (event handling
is now far more powerful and flexible, and it has become much easier
to deal with discontinuities in parameters and STATEs). In the future, a
more up-to-date citation will be chapter 9 in the NEURON Book, which
should be available late this year (2005).

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