How to use a new channel?

NMODL and the Channel Builder.
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How to use a new channel?

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On 2/24/2005 a NEURON user asked:
> I have just created a channel with NMODL (successfully! exciting.)
> Yet, I cannot figure out how I can insert this newly created channel (a mod
> file) into a cell using the GUI!? As a temporary solution I have written a
> hoc file of a cell that inserts the new channel and then I loaded the hoc
> file from the GUI (using CellBuilder - Management - Import). However, I hope
> there is a less cumbersome way to do that.
> Using MSWin

Under MSWin, compiling a mod file produces a file called nrnmech.dll

If you double click on a hoc file, NEURON looks for a nrnmech.dll file
in the same directory, and loads it. This automatically makes all the
mechanisms in that dll file available to hoc and all relevant gui tools.
Then it reads your hoc file.

If you start NEURON by double clicking on the nrngui icon in the START menu
or on the Desktop, you can then use
NEURON Main Menu / File / working dir
NEURON Main Menu / File / recent dir
to navigate to a directory that contains a nrnmech.dll file.
Once you do that, NEURON will read the dll file and print a message to
its interpreter window telling you that it loaded some mechanisms.
These mechanisms are immediately available to hoc and all relevant gui

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