Saving simulation results

The basics of how to develop, test, and use models.
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Saving simulation results

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On 11/9/2004 a NEURON user wrote:
> I have a model with a graphical interface that shows a plot of ik.
> How can I get a permanent record of this simulation result?

The quickest way is to print a hard copy of the graph, or save
the sequence of (x,y) coordinates to a file. On the FAQ page
see the link called
How do I print a hard copy of a NEURON window?

Other ways to save simulation results include using the Vector
class's record() method to capture time and variables of interest,
and then using the File class's methods to write these values
to disk. You can read about these classes in the Programmer's
Reference--see the link at
If you're using MSWin, this is already on your PC; click on the
Documentation item in the NEURON program group.
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