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How does neuron handle the units? Which ones are predefined? How are prefixs used?
How can I redefine the defaults (i.e., use pA instead of nA)?

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Excellent question.

The first place to look:
1. Go to NEURON's home page http://www.neuron.yale.edu/
2. Click on the Documentation link
3. On the Documentation page, click on the FAQ link
4. On the FAQ page find the link What units does NEURON use for current, concentration, etc.?

For more information:
1. On the Documentation page, click on the Programmer's Reference link
2. Click on Quick Index
3. Find units

More clues: buttons in the GUI's tools generally display units next to variable names.

Last but not least: it is a good idea to use modlunit to check units consistency in
mod files.

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