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New freeware reconstruction program (Neuromantic)

Posted: Tue Sep 12, 2006 8:33 am
by darrenmyatt
Hi everyone,

Apologies if this is in the wrong subforum, but it seemed the most appropriate I could find.

Part of my postdoc is developing a new freeware reconstruction program for image stacks, and since one of the main reasons for making reconstructions is to then simulate the neurons using NEURON or similar it seemed sensible to engage with the community on this forum :)

At the moment, Neuromantic supports semi-automatic reconstruction in a very similar fashion to Neuron_Morpho. However, the application has been built from the ground up for reconstruction and thus is much more intuitive and allows much simpler tree creation/editing etc.

Currently, only the SWC file format is supported, but it has been confirmed that NEURON can successfully import SWC files generated with Neuromantic (incidentally, that was a lot more trouble than it should have been as the NEURON SWC import doesn't support the format fantastically).

Future work will hopefully integrate more fully-automatic reconstruction methods into the application.

More information and the Neuromantic application itself can be found at:

It's Windows only, I'm afraid, but you may be able to get it to run on Wine.

Any feedback/suggestions would be much appreciated, and if you do think that you could find Neuromantic useful then please drop me an email.

ETA: The website (and latest version of Neuromantic) has been updated and now resides at