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How to use an anatomically detailed model cell in a network?

Posted: Thu May 26, 2005 4:05 pm
by ted
On 3/31/2005 a NEURON user wrote:
I have a model neuron based on a detailed morphometric reconstruction
that I want to use it in a network model. How do I turn this model cell into
a template for a new cell class?

Posted: Thu May 26, 2005 4:36 pm
by ted
Import the morphology into the CellBuilder, then use the CellBuilder
to specify biophysical properties and spatial discretization (use the
d_lambda strategy). Then use the CellBuilder to create a template
1. Management page / Cell Type button
2. Use the Classname button to assign a name to the cell class
3. Click on Save hoc code in file

Alternatively, once you have the cell in a CellBuilder, you might
want to use the Network Builder to create a prototype of a small
net, save the prototype net as a hoc file, and then mine reusable
code from that hoc file. To do this:
1. Save the CellBuilder by itself to a session file with its
Create button OFF. Then exit NEURON.
2. Restart NEURON and load the CellBuilder's session file.
3. Bring up a NetReadyCellGUI tool
NEURON Main Menu / Build / Network Cell / From Cell Builder
and import your anatomically detailed CellBuilder into it. Then
use the NetReadyCellGUI tool to place synapses on your model cell.
4. Use the GUI to create the prototype net and save it to a hoc file
for reuse.

You may want to work through the CellBuilder and Network Builder tutorials
Chapter 11 of the NEURON book contains a tutorial that shows how to
build a prototype net and then mine its hoc file for reusable code. ... xedref.pdf