Calcium PumP in NEURON BOOK

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Calcium PumP in NEURON BOOK

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Please can you check the details of the calcium pump.mod in section 9.11 of the neuron book.
I copied the code as it is witten and compiled the mod file there was no error. This is the second time I have used it in in a model and have almost the same type of error message. The first was when I tried to simulate "the graded synaptic transimission" using the GradSyn.

This time I am trying to simulate cells in net work using the NetCon. I have four cells built (using template in hoc) inserted biophysical mechanisms which includes cdp, cachan, in my precell I ran the simulation with the defined instrumentation, synaptic input, and NetCon connections I have this erro rmessage:

at line 62 in file Calcium_Pump.mod:
Error at section location BraCell[0].soma(0.5)
Convergence not achieved in maximum number of iterations
nrniv: scopmath library error
near line 108
fadvance( )
advance( )
step( )
continuerun(5 )
and others

This error is exactly what I saw in the previous simulation. I decieded to exclude cdp from the mechnism and the simulation ran withnot displacing any error message. So my guess is that cdp must have been the culprit that has been generating errors in the two simulations.

Unfortunately, I have no clue how to figure out the error in the cdp.mod which had compiled earlier without error message, (which implies the error is not syntax, but something else) I'm sure you can figure out what might not be right in the in the cdp.mod.

Thank you
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