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NEURON aborts while running long simulation..

Posted: Tue Mar 02, 2010 1:59 am
Hi All,

I am modelinkg a network of 100 one compartment cells with hh and passive channels, connected using GABAA and AMPA synapses. Everything works fine if my simulation runs up to tstop=1.5e5ms but if it crosses this border NEURON suddenly exits closing the GUI and the console (windows xp).

The only trace left is a nrniv.exe.stackdump file with this content

Code: Select all

Stack trace:
Frame     Function  Args
0022B8E4  7C802542  (000006F4, 0000EA60, 000000A4, 0022B92C)
0022BA04  61097F54  (00000000, 7C802600, 7C802542, 000000A4)
0022BAF4  61095AEB  (00000000, 003B0023, 00230000, 0022C6A8)
0022BB54  61095FCB  (0022BB6C, 00000000, 00000094, 610253F0)
0022BC14  61096182  (000000AC, 00000006, 0022BC44, 61096383)
0022BC24  610961AC  (00000006, 0022CE88, 0022BC94, 6FE88373)
0022BC44  61096383  (0022BC74, 001FFFFE, 0022BCC4, 00000001)
0022BC94  6FE88387  (0022BB1C, 00FFFFF0, 0022BD04, 6FE8382A)
0022BCA4  6FE87D66  (02A9E048, 6FF410D0, 6FE8C010, 00000000)
0022BD04  6FE8382A  (00FFFFF0, 422C0000, 00810000, 610C3D28)
0022BD64  6FE836B4  (00FFFFF0, 000FFFFE, 40AA0008, 000FFFFE)
0022BD84  6FB83D4F  (00E88F70, 001FFFFE, 00000000, 000FFFFF)
0022BDA4  6FBB1598  (00E88F70, 001FFFFE, 00000001, 00E89368)
0022BDC4  6FBB1657  (00E88F70, 000FFFFF, 00000000, 0022BDAC)
0022BDE4  6FC8FE7C  (00E893E8, 0E4BD05F, 41031B84, 6FC575AD)
0022BE14  6FCA8359  (00DDBA40, 006CC9B0, 0022BE34, 6FCCC4A2)
End of stack trace (more stack frames may be present)
Does anybody know why NEURON aborts and what this message means?
moreover is it possible to debug it using gdb, if so could somebody give me one example or url



Re: NEURON aborts while running long simulation..

Posted: Mon Mar 08, 2010 2:39 pm
Hi There,

The problem was one of this meaningless (stupid) stuff that you detect after ages of debugging work
when you run vector.record() it will (by default) record your variable during the whole simulation unless you write your own procedure to avoid the vector grows till infinity....

That was exactly my problem the memory was overflowed and the simulator crashed!!!!!.

So, be always aware of what you put in the memory of your machine, otherwise you won't sleep for quite a while.....


Oscar Javier