Adding random synaptic events

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Adding random synaptic events

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I am trying to learn the syntax for adding synaptic events to a network. I have created the "toy network" .hoc file per the tutorial ( ... tline.html), with its list of two cells and a NetStim. This .hoc makes use of cell_append list and a nc_append list, and will run when given a RunControl statement.

What I'd like to do is learn how to put in single synaptic events from artificial cells at random times. i.e. rather than a pulse train at a certain time a la the NetStim default, I'd like a certain synapse to fire a few, random times during a run.

I am not asking how to randomize the time. Rather, how to input an event at specific times, that I can state explicitly. I had thought the .event(t) would work but it does not seem to.

Specifically, using the toy network construct, I am trying to add


which would create (I thought) an excitatory postsynaptic event at time 3 ms, on the (index = 0) nclist, which is the art_cell -> motoneuron NetCon. It does not work. Note that this NetCon is already going to make a pulse train q 2 ms starting at 10 ms. I had hoped I could just add an event at 3 ms.

My end goal is to create a list of random synaptic events in each run, that will simulate random mini EPSP's.
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See the question
I have a set of recorded or calculated spike times. How can I use these to drive a postsynaptic mechanism?
in the FAQ list
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