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by pdennevis
Fri Jun 30, 2017 4:02 pm
Forum: Anatomically detailed models
Topic: Parameter analysis in model translation
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Parameter analysis in model translation

Hi all! Recently I have been trying to translate a Matlab model of a single cell neuron to the NEURON environment. So far, I have finished the NEURON code, but due to differences in the approaches, the neuron doesn't give me the same spikes yet. The soma part of the model contains 4 types of channel...
by pdennevis
Wed Mar 29, 2017 6:18 am
Forum: Modeling networks
Topic: Coupling conductance Pinsky & Rinzel (1999)
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Coupling conductance Pinsky & Rinzel (1999)

Dear all, Reading Pinsky and Rinzel (1999) about a model of a pyramidal neuron, I stumbled upon the following. They have developed a twocompartmental model in which the currents are normalized per unit surface area. The two compartments are coupled, and current is allowed to flow between compartment...
by pdennevis
Tue Mar 28, 2017 6:29 am
Forum: Specific models
Topic: Pinsky & Rinzel version of Traub model
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Pinsky & Rinzel version of Traub model

I am diving into the model of Pinsky and Rinzel and I face some questions I hope you are able to help me with. First of all, I have seen different approaches in modeling neurons. P&R (and after them Schweighofer in 1999) omit specific compartment dimensions and calculate current densities using ...