Units used in NEURON

The following table lists the units that NEURON uses by default. Point processes and distributed mechanisms may use other units, e.g. for certain concentrations and physical dimensions. The default behavior of GUI tools that manage parameters and monitor variables is to display the units next to the variable name, e.g. t (ms), L (um), Ra (ohm-cm), gkbar_hh (S/cm2). Users can also determine what units have been assigned to mechanism-specific variables by examining the .mod file that defines the mechanism.

Category Variable Units
Time t [ms]
Voltage v [mV]
Current i [mA/cm2] (distributed)
[nA] (point process)
Concentration ko, ki, etc. [mM]
Specific capacitance cm [uf/cm2]
Length diam, L [um]
Conductance g [S/cm2] (distributed)
[uS] (point process)
Cytoplasmic resistivity Ra [ohm cm]
Resistance Ri( ) [106 ohm]

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