2015 Session

NEURON Fundamentals
Saturday, June 20 - Tuesday, June 23
Parallel Simulation with NEURON
Wednesday, June 24 - Friday, June 26
Institute for Neural Computation
University of California, San Diego
N.T. Carnevale and M.L. Hines
N.T. Carnevale, M.L. Hines, W.W. Lytton, and T.J. Sejnowski

This intensive multi-day course combines lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on exercises to cover the principles and practice of designing, constructing, and using models in the NEURON simulation environment. It is most suitable for investigators who are concerned with models of biological neurons and neural networks that are closely linked to empirical observations, especially experimentalists who wish to incorporate modeling in their research plans, and theoreticians who are interested in the principles of biological computation.

The course has two components. NEURON Fundamentals is suitable for users at all levels of expertise. It presents what you need to know to model individual neurons and networks of neurons, and introduces parallel simulation.

Parallel Simulation with NEURON is intended for users who already know how to write hoc or Python code for NEURON and are particularly interested in adapting existing models or creating new models that can be simulated on parallel hardware. Special attention will be paid to strategies for debugging, and measuring and improving performance.

Registration is first-come, first-serve, and is limited to 15 individuals for NEURON Fundamentals and 9 for Parallel Simulation with NEURON.
The registration deadline is Friday, May 29.

Each participant is expected to bring a wifi-capable laptop computer. This will allow everyone to work in a familiar hardware/software environment, be it MSWin or Linux on a PC, or OS X on a Mac.

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Other questions? Contact Ted Carnevale by email (ted dot carnevale at yale dot edu) or phone (203-494-7381).

Supported in part by:
National Institutes of Health
National Science Foundation
Institute for Neural Computation

NEURON 2015 Summer Course