An intensive hands-on course

2013 Session Starts at 9 AM Wednesday, June 26
Ends at 5 PM Sunday, June 30
Location Institute for Neural Computation
University of California, San Diego
Organizers N.T. Carnevale and M.L. Hines
Faculty includes N.T. Carnevale, M.L. Hines, W.W. Lytton, and T.J. Sejnowski
Registration deadline Friday, May 24

This course is designed for advanced modelers who
-- already know how to write hoc or Python code for NEURON
-- need to develop a model that runs on parallel hardware, or port an existing model from serial hardware to parallel hardware.

Parallelizing serial code, and writing parallel code from scratch, are nontrivial tasks that require significant programming skill and effort. Consequently, this course goes into considerable depth on key strategies for developing, debugging, and using NEURON models in high performance computing environments. Each day will start with didactic presentations and discussions that address general strategies and specific tactics for solving common problems. However, this is very much a "hands-on" course, so afternoons will be devoted to coding sessions in which participants put what they have learned to practical use while expert consultation is close at hand.

Registration for this course is limited to 12 individuals on a first-come, first-serve basis. The deadline for registration is Friday, May 24.

Each participant is expected to bring his or her own wifi-capable laptop computer. This will allow everyone to work in a familiar hardware/software environment, be it MSWin or Linux on a PC, or OS X on a Mac. Multicore would be nice but is not mandatory, since guest accounts on (physically remote) parallel hardware will be available. Participants are also invited to bring a working serial implementation of a network model that they wish to parallelize. It is assumed that each participant has expertise in programming for NEURON with hoc or Python, and is intimately familiar with his or her own code.

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Other questions? Contact Ted Carnevale by email (ted dot carnevale at yale dot edu) or phone (203-494-7381).

Supported in part by:
National Institutes of Health
National Science Foundation
Institute for Neural Computation

Parallelizing NEURON Models